Brevard Philharmonic Tribute Wall

Honor your loved one by donating to Brevard Philharmonic in their name. 
To post your message click Donate and add your message along with your gift of $50 or more. 
Within 72 hours we will post your personal message on the Tribute Wall.
In addition, Brevard Philharmonic plans to share all the tributes at the April 2nd concert when we will recognize this lovely gift as well as have a champagne toast for all those honored here.

In Honor of: Flash, the Basset Hound

In Honor of: David Goodman

In Honor of: Lorraine Fink

In Honor of: Doug and Jan Hart

In Honor of: Dusty Campbell

Without Dusty, the Brevard Philharmonic would not survive as well as it has.

In Honor of: Dusty Campbell

Dusty’s undying loyalty and commitment to the Brevard Philharmonic have been critical to its growth and contribution to the community.

In Honor of: Jinks Ramsey

In Honor of: Sir

You've been my best cheerleader for more than 55 years now! Remembering our wonderful life together of so many adventures!!

In Honor of: Lorraine Julie Fink

We only met Lorraine a handful of times, but she was a lovely woman and clearly a gifted musician and teacher.

In Honor of: Lorraine Julie Fink

A very talented violinist and teacher.

In Honor of: Sherry Brooks, Sister

I wish to honor my sister Sherry Brooks, who always looks out for me and is always there to help.

In Honor of: Gail Meyers

Gail and her Husband have adopted me and are always looking out for me.

In Honor of: Virginia Tillotson

In memory of Ginny/Tillie, who gave me so much.

In Honor of: Jan Hart

She is and has been an inspiration to me since I met her.

In Honor of: Joan Yarbrough

In memory of Joan Yarbrough, Past Board President. Joan worked tirelessly to bring the Brevard Philharmonic to the next level of greatness.

In Honor of: Marilyn Compton

In Honor of: Mary Douglass Kimble

In Honor of: The Late Lin Kolb

In honor of my late wife Lin Kolb, who loved the Brevard Philharmonic.

In Honor of: Jan Hart

Jan contributes so much love and goodness to the world. All who know her are so very fortunate to have this precious person grace their path.